Monday, November 2, 2009

My kindergartener had a "Special me" day @ school & she needed a poster, about things she likes etc this is what we came up with.
My 8 y/o needed invites, I was (am) going through a tag phase lol

I made this card using every day paper dolls, it was for my granddads birthday, he loves playing tennis.
While my kids had the flu they needed something to play with, so I made them a matching card game using the every day paper dolls cart. again with the cricut markers, we had to use colored pencils to color them in so it wouldn't show through the back when we layed them down.
My friend had a baby, so I made them this card. Again it's from EDPD.

Princess- U've been framed!

I made this for my friends daughter who was turning 2, & ended up making 3 more after LOL, this is my newest thing, I just love how they turn out, to be honest it's an ego boost to me LOL