Thursday, May 28, 2009

Always time for scrapping!!

I'm having such a GREAT time doing this wedding book.

I made these bags for my preschoolers teachers. I filled them with candy, makes for a cheap easy thoughtful gift.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Too much fun!!

This is the latest page I done in my wedding book.
This is how I get ready for the In laws coming to town!!!

I glass etched a dish for my MIL & someone asked me how to do it, so I done me another one & took pix & made step by step instructions for them, U can find that on my "how to" blog.
I feel bad the photo came out a little blurry, this was the last one I had to make for my friend.
Cards for my BIL & SIL, I LOVE the brown daisy paper.

I made these for a A-Z swap that I'm in, I signed up for letter M & D
I had a friend call & ask me if I could help her make a wooden sign, she was really pleased with how it turned out.
I got the Pooh & Friends cartridge for Mothers day, my kids each picked something to cut.This card was for another friend!! Her sister asked her to make baby shower invites, she didn't want anything too girly (even though she was having a girl) We chalked the "blanket" but it doesn't show in the pic.

I made this card for MIL, for Mothers day, she LOVED it!!! (I thought she would LOL)
This was Grandma's Mothers day card.
This card & tile I made for dd's teahcer, for teacher apprecition. She LOVED it & couldn't believe that I done the tile, it was a GREAT hit!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cards for my friend.

I had a friend from back home ask me if I ever thought about selling my cards, I said "No" I don't think anyone would buy them, so she said I will & ordered 4!!! I have 3 done:
This one os for a Ruby wedding anniversary. I used vellum for the heart "paper" I then used Cricut DS to cut the sq in the middle, so I knew it was in the right place!! I'm really happy with how it turned it.
This is a card for her 6 y/o son, he LOVES golf.
This is one for her neice, it was fun to make, although it had tiny tiny peices!!

Plan of happiness

We worked hard on this, but it was great fun, our daughter Allie is planning on getting baptized in October, so we have started teaching her some more of the things she needs to know b4 she does this. We're LDS (Mormon) & this is what we believe to be the plan of happiness or the plan of Salvation. This is the 1st lesson out of 6.

New Scrapping area.

This is an inchie I made for a swap. I should have turned the flash off the camera, but it's too late now LOL.
This is my new scrapping area, I've had it a couple of months now, but I keep forgetting to post it!! I LOVE it, I have so much room, I could even have friends come play now & we don't have to be up in the kitchen to beable to work.