Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Another girl!, I got the order mixed up, I wanted to go from oldest to youngest, not the other way round, but I'm not changing it now.
Our son got baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, in this church we let the child decide once they turn 8 if they would like to be baptized or not. This was actually his 8th birthday, it doesn't happen very often that a kid is able to be baptized on their actual b/day. We also gave our new 8 day old baby a name & blessing on the same day.

1st bath, I bought this stamp set just for this page, but I've loved it, I used it a lot in Hailey's book.

This says HOT, HOT, HOT
My hubby is a computer guru, so I thought it was so cute the 1st time she sat up by herself was to a computer.

I have no idea how she could sleep like that! Makes me hurt just looking at her.
This "Peek a boo" has a funny story, I left my hubby to watch our little one while I popped into another room, when I came back I couldn't see her, so I asked him "where's the baby?" He had no idea, she she'd gone, I started to panic even though I knew she wasn't far, then I noticed her under the saucer!
You really can't read this sorry, it says: 1 step, 2 step, made it.


WOW- what a big baby, 8lb 5oz she was the 2nd biggest, 1st being Ben.
She was meant to be napping, I thought it was so cute the way she was just laying there, eyes as wide open as they could be.
I had a little trouble with the flash!!

We had a dog for a short while, she loved him, now she's 4 & wants a cat!
Disney world

A new sister


Here she is, Allie was born on 9/11/01!
A new sister, this page is stamped with bottles, binky's & a baby
1st day of dancing school

Allie really wanted a princess room, so when we moved into our new house, her wish came true, & daddy painted to scale a castle on her wall.

Disney world

The one with her on the bike was at the county fair.

She had a "crazy hair day" at school, it all had to do with the anti drug program, she got 2nd place out of all the kindergarteners!! WTG Allie.


Some how the order got missed up, but anyway, these are a few of Ben's pages, the girls books are better, I figured being a boy he might not like all the "fun" stuff I add to the girls!

This was a field trip he took with his preschool, to the Logan fire house, at this time he really wanted to be a fire fighter.
This was a really fun primary activity, they "called" all the kids on a mission, Ben got to go to Finland. He was super excited as he got to wear his dads missionary badge for the day.
Now he wants to join the army! I think this is one of the only pages that's not on white cardstock!

The snowflakes are embossed, with silver embossing powder, super cute This is Ben at the Kennedy Space center.
MGM studios Disney world & back home, summer reading kick off party. They had the local high school's marching band come.
Last Christmas, this page has still to be finished, the Santa is way cute though.

Emma turns 18

I made this card for my sister who is turning 18.
This is the inside, it says: If wishes were colors, know what you'd get? A rainbow of fun, and your best birthday yet. Happy 18th. I done each word in a color from the rainbow.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun Stuff

I'm the den leader for scouts in the LDS church, along with scouts they do Faith in God, for the religious square knot. So as part of that I had them do this testimony page, I used the waterfall fold that I scrap lifted! I love doing this fold, it looks really cool, and when the boys pull on it down it will show them the 5 main points of their testimony.
These are card that I used the waterfall fold on, I missed up the order so this is meant to be the last one! not the 1st, oh well.

I inked the edges of the squares on these cards, I also added a 2nd square & used a Stampin' up stamp set.