Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hailey's quiet time book

I made this "quiet" time book for my 18 month daughter.I used doodlecharms for the pictures and Tear drop for the letters. I cut the paper to 4"x51/2" so it would fit into a small photo album. The pictures are 21/2" and the letters are 11/4" It was a blast making this, it did take a while as I had to glue each letter on. Now I just hope she likes it!!

For the hair on the boy I used the palm tree top!

The "splat" was a flower, but I thought it looked more like a splat, so there it is!

The Seals are the top of a cupcake, u can't see it too well here, but they have little eyes etc, they look really cute, I got the idea from someone on a Cricut forum, thanx, now everytime I look at the top of the cup cake I see a seal.


Erin said...

Came over from the cricut message borad - what a cute idea! It looks so professional too.

Erin said...

Opps - I meant board

Josh & Teddie said...

I also came from the cricut board, this is adorable! I love it, perfect for sacrament meeting! (we're also LDS!)