Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Some how the order got missed up, but anyway, these are a few of Ben's pages, the girls books are better, I figured being a boy he might not like all the "fun" stuff I add to the girls!

This was a field trip he took with his preschool, to the Logan fire house, at this time he really wanted to be a fire fighter.
This was a really fun primary activity, they "called" all the kids on a mission, Ben got to go to Finland. He was super excited as he got to wear his dads missionary badge for the day.
Now he wants to join the army! I think this is one of the only pages that's not on white cardstock!

The snowflakes are embossed, with silver embossing powder, super cute This is Ben at the Kennedy Space center.
MGM studios Disney world & back home, summer reading kick off party. They had the local high school's marching band come.
Last Christmas, this page has still to be finished, the Santa is way cute though.

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