Friday, August 14, 2009

Snow White & other Princesses...

My 2 year old wanted me to make for something, so here it is!! A 10.5" Hello Kitty with red stickles for her nose.
My 7 y/o wanted Jasmine, I used Stickles on her head center piece, earring, hair bands & necklace.

I put it these last ones in the wrong order LOL I always do that. So here's the bottom of Sleeping Beauty's dress, with stickles.

Close up of her face.

& the whole Sleeping Beauty (meant to be the 1st pic of these!!)

I made this for a friends daughter who was turning 2, I used stickles on her dress, head band, sleeve bands, the pink flowers & her name which is in the next picture. I made it so it would fit into a 10x13 frame.
Close up of her name.

Happy Birthday cards all around!!

I've had to make alot of birthday cards this month.
These 2 I made for my nephew & a friends son, the truck was welded together with CDS @ 4" shadowed.
This card I had so much fun making, I just found a new love Stickles!! I made this for another friends daughter.

This camera card was again welded with CDS, I made it for my brother, who is trying to become a photographer.

This one was made for my sister, sometimes I like plain & simple!!

My mother in law needed a card for my niece, while she was staying with me, she was going to buy one, & I said not while u're staying @ my house LOL, so this is what I came up with.

This was again from Grandma for 1 of my nephews.

This was from Grandma again!! I ended up making 3 for her. (we have a whole bunch of end of July begining August birthdays) This is for the same nephew that I made the dumptruck card for.

Hubby's Grandma sometimes calls when she needs a card too!!! (it's getting around the family, that I make cards!! lol) So I whipped her up this one pretty fast, it's a Joy fold.

This was for my nephew, after making all the ones from Grandma I was running out of ideas, as they were for the same kids!!