Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday cards all around!!

I've had to make alot of birthday cards this month.
These 2 I made for my nephew & a friends son, the truck was welded together with CDS @ 4" shadowed.
This card I had so much fun making, I just found a new love Stickles!! I made this for another friends daughter.

This camera card was again welded with CDS, I made it for my brother, who is trying to become a photographer.

This one was made for my sister, sometimes I like plain & simple!!

My mother in law needed a card for my niece, while she was staying with me, she was going to buy one, & I said not while u're staying @ my house LOL, so this is what I came up with.

This was again from Grandma for 1 of my nephews.

This was from Grandma again!! I ended up making 3 for her. (we have a whole bunch of end of July begining August birthdays) This is for the same nephew that I made the dumptruck card for.

Hubby's Grandma sometimes calls when she needs a card too!!! (it's getting around the family, that I make cards!! lol) So I whipped her up this one pretty fast, it's a Joy fold.

This was for my nephew, after making all the ones from Grandma I was running out of ideas, as they were for the same kids!!

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kami said...

Cute cards! I really like the card for the niece. Kallie loves her card and her picture. We hung it up in the toy room by her princess high heels. Now they want the other princesses. Maybe someday, huh?