Thursday, December 3, 2009

Best gifts

This is a card my 5 y/o made for her friend. It's from the HK cartridge.
We also made her friend this framed HK, then we etched her name into the glass.

The next day my 8 y/o got invited to a b/day party!! So this is what she chose to do.

I'm so into making these, as u can tell LOL (there's more in a older post too) I think they make a wonderful gift. This one is for my niece, who is 3. I wanted to give her something different for Christmas.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My kindergartener had a "Special me" day @ school & she needed a poster, about things she likes etc this is what we came up with.
My 8 y/o needed invites, I was (am) going through a tag phase lol

I made this card using every day paper dolls, it was for my granddads birthday, he loves playing tennis.
While my kids had the flu they needed something to play with, so I made them a matching card game using the every day paper dolls cart. again with the cricut markers, we had to use colored pencils to color them in so it wouldn't show through the back when we layed them down.
My friend had a baby, so I made them this card. Again it's from EDPD.

Princess- U've been framed!

I made this for my friends daughter who was turning 2, & ended up making 3 more after LOL, this is my newest thing, I just love how they turn out, to be honest it's an ego boost to me LOL

Friday, August 14, 2009

Snow White & other Princesses...

My 2 year old wanted me to make for something, so here it is!! A 10.5" Hello Kitty with red stickles for her nose.
My 7 y/o wanted Jasmine, I used Stickles on her head center piece, earring, hair bands & necklace.

I put it these last ones in the wrong order LOL I always do that. So here's the bottom of Sleeping Beauty's dress, with stickles.

Close up of her face.

& the whole Sleeping Beauty (meant to be the 1st pic of these!!)

I made this for a friends daughter who was turning 2, I used stickles on her dress, head band, sleeve bands, the pink flowers & her name which is in the next picture. I made it so it would fit into a 10x13 frame.
Close up of her name.

Happy Birthday cards all around!!

I've had to make alot of birthday cards this month.
These 2 I made for my nephew & a friends son, the truck was welded together with CDS @ 4" shadowed.
This card I had so much fun making, I just found a new love Stickles!! I made this for another friends daughter.

This camera card was again welded with CDS, I made it for my brother, who is trying to become a photographer.

This one was made for my sister, sometimes I like plain & simple!!

My mother in law needed a card for my niece, while she was staying with me, she was going to buy one, & I said not while u're staying @ my house LOL, so this is what I came up with.

This was again from Grandma for 1 of my nephews.

This was from Grandma again!! I ended up making 3 for her. (we have a whole bunch of end of July begining August birthdays) This is for the same nephew that I made the dumptruck card for.

Hubby's Grandma sometimes calls when she needs a card too!!! (it's getting around the family, that I make cards!! lol) So I whipped her up this one pretty fast, it's a Joy fold.

This was for my nephew, after making all the ones from Grandma I was running out of ideas, as they were for the same kids!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

New shirts

I learnt something new the other day & here it is!!
It says "Summertime fun"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Always time for scrapping!!

I'm having such a GREAT time doing this wedding book.

I made these bags for my preschoolers teachers. I filled them with candy, makes for a cheap easy thoughtful gift.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Too much fun!!

This is the latest page I done in my wedding book.
This is how I get ready for the In laws coming to town!!!

I glass etched a dish for my MIL & someone asked me how to do it, so I done me another one & took pix & made step by step instructions for them, U can find that on my "how to" blog.
I feel bad the photo came out a little blurry, this was the last one I had to make for my friend.
Cards for my BIL & SIL, I LOVE the brown daisy paper.

I made these for a A-Z swap that I'm in, I signed up for letter M & D
I had a friend call & ask me if I could help her make a wooden sign, she was really pleased with how it turned out.
I got the Pooh & Friends cartridge for Mothers day, my kids each picked something to cut.This card was for another friend!! Her sister asked her to make baby shower invites, she didn't want anything too girly (even though she was having a girl) We chalked the "blanket" but it doesn't show in the pic.

I made this card for MIL, for Mothers day, she LOVED it!!! (I thought she would LOL)
This was Grandma's Mothers day card.
This card & tile I made for dd's teahcer, for teacher apprecition. She LOVED it & couldn't believe that I done the tile, it was a GREAT hit!!